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Name: Deng Li Jun Teresa

Original Name: Deng Li Yun

Date Of Birth: 29 January 1953

Horoscope: Aquarius

If you are a huge fan of her, you might have notice that her singing technique had a significant changes. During her younger days, her voice tend to be very girly and had a cute accent. After the trip to japan, she adopted the Enka singing style and had become very expressive , clean and effortless singing style.

Teresa had a talent in languages ,was able to speak Chinese, English , Japanese, French and dialects like Catonese and Taiwanese. Espacially in Japan, she had quite a few hit songs that had brought her to the NHK Red and White Singing Competition. Her most famous japanese song "Aijin" had created a record as one of the most dedicated songs.

In May 8th 1995, an unexpected illness took her life while she was having a holiday in Bangkok -Thailand. Thousands of her fans were shocked by the news and were heartbroken. She now rest in Yun Yuan in Taiwan, a park dedicated to her.